Community members who attended the forum were asked to fill out a brief survey about their current participation in Mardi Gras and answer questions about civics, tradition, community, and waste.


David Redmon traveled to several Mardi Gras bead factories in China to witness the working conditions firsthand.

VIMEO.COM research finds thousands of pounds of hazardous chemicals in plastic beaded products, including beaded holiday garlands and Mardi Gras beads. Product Test Samples from 2013.


Every year, 25 million pounds of plastic beads made by Chinese factory workers get dumped on the streets of New Orleans…



The city of New Orleans pulled 93,000 pounds of beads from just five blocks of storm drains in 2018…



Green groups are urging revelers to recycle, reuse, and reconnect with the pre-plastic soul of a great celebration….