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Mission:  To promote, plan and facilitate waste prevention, recycling and sustainable products for New Orleans special events. Grounds Krewe seeks to identify best practices for public space gatherings and provide the tools and services necessary to help these events reduce waste and improve efficiency in a way that engages and empowers the public.

Vision:  A special event culture that retains all of its enjoyment while having the lowest impact possible on our community spaces and our planet’s resources by creating a setting in which environmental stewardship is both convenient and contagious.

Background: Grounds Krewe was formed in 2017 by Brett Davis, a native New Orleanian and lifelong environmentalist. Growing up on the edge of the Irish Channel, just a few blocks from the uptown parade route, he remembers a time when breaking beads in half he caught simultaneously with friends and diving for a snap on necklace that hit the ground was common practice. Upon growing up and returning to the city after a few years away, he couldn’t help but notice how the culture of Mardi Gras had been transformed. The amount of unnecessary waste left on the streets had become both disturbing and embarassing. Realizing that little was being done about it, he assembled a group of volunteers from YLC recycles and ArcGNO and lead the first major “on the route” throw and disposable waste recycling program.. The positive feedback he received inspired him to continue working for a better Mardi Gras, consider waste prevention at a range of local events and form a non-profit organization focused solely on responsible use of New Orleans’ community spaces and our planet’s resources.