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About: Mardi Gras has always been great, even before the era of disposable, plastic Chinese beads came along. Grounds Krewe hopes to reverse the quantity over quality trend and reinforce that special connection between thrower and catcher with items that are functional, well designed, made from sustainable materials and promote Louisiana goods . Donate to Grounds Krewe and receive these “throws worth catching” as a thank you gift!

Why throws from Grounds Krewe?

  • All donations support a non-profit which reinvests proceeds toward a variety of waste reduction efforts for the New Orleans community.

  • Sole mission of catalog and organization is to provide the most environmentally friendly products available.

  • Each item is functional or consumable and never meant to be disposable.

  • All throws permitted by city of New Orleans Mardi Gras ordinances.

  • Modern, clean, understated designs meant for everyday use at any time or setting.

  • Bulk purchasing power and sales tax exemption helps keep costs low.

  • No commercial branding or advertising.

  • Minimal and/or recycled packaging used for all orders.

  • Grounds Krewe will always be committed to seeking out products made from renewable/biodegradable materials and by fair labor practices.


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